Stop by the store to check out all the extras you'll need for a great day on the slopes.

Helmets, while not mandatory in many resorts, are a must-have these days.  With increased traffic on the hills, the risk of a collision is greater than ever and you should protect your head from the variety of falls that can occur.  Today's helmets are not only functional, they're incredibly comfortable and very warm even without a hat underneath.  Most manufacturers provide a seamless fit with goggles to help cut down on frozen foreheads and lens fogging.

The right goggle can make or break your day/night on the hill.  There are numerous lens colour options that provide increased contrast & definition in a wide range of light conditions.  Many goggle styles offer a secondary lens so you can change them out and have optimal vision in all conditions.  Come try a few pair on to see just how different they can be, and find the right fit & options for you!

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Helmets:  Giro (Insta: @girosnow), Smith (Insta: @smithoptics), Salomon (Insta: @salomon), POC (Insta: @pocsports)

Goggles: Giro, Smith, Salomon, Dragon (Insta: @dragonalliance), Oakley (Insta: @oakley)

Car Racks:  Thule (Insta: @thule)

Boot Heaters:  Hotronic 

Footbeds: Superfeet (Insta: @superfeet), Sidas (Insta: @sidasyourfootcompany)

Tuning Accessories:  Holmenkol (Insta: @holmenkol), KuuSport

Goggle Protection: Gogglesoc (Insta: @gogglesoc)