We offer a full service & repair shop here at Select Sports.  From simple waxes to custom boot fitting to anything else, we have you covered.  No matter what you need, we can do it. We have decades of experience and a full time crew that takes pride in every bit of work we do.  We make absolutely sure things are done right, and that you're satisfied. 

You've invested in your gear, so be sure to keep it performing its best for years to come.  We recommend a tune up to start the season (October is a great time to have it done - shorter turnaround time and you'll have your gear ready to go when opening day arrives!), and don't worry about putting globs of wax on your base before storing for the summer.  It's not necessary and is just messy!

Standard Tune Up: Includes base & side edge grinding (belt), reasonable p-tex base repair, hand finishing/polishing of edges, and hot wax.

Boot Fitting: We offer full boot fitting options from simple liner heating to custom shell molding (depending on model), shell punch or trim, custom and trim-to-fit footbeds, liner customization & modification, Head Liquid Fit (depending on model), and anything else you may need!