We carry a wide range of boards, bindings, boots, and accessories from the brands below to meet all your needs.  Choosing a board can be overwhelming, so let our expert staff help guide you.  Whether you ride park, groomers, glades, powder, or a mix of everything, we'll help you pick the right board style and size so you can ride with a smile on your face all day long.  If we don't have what you're looking for in stock, we'll certainly try to get it for you.

Boots are ultra important in your setup, since they're directly attached to you.  A proper fit will not only be comfortable but will allow your movements to transfer to your bindings and then to the board with ease.  Boots should never slip, hurt, or cause any sort of discomfort.  If you have fit issues, we can solve them for you.

Bindings are often overlooked as an integral part of your overall setup.  Every piece of a binding can influence the way you ride, and the response you get.  Baseplates, highbacks, and straps all play a part in the feel and response of your kit, so don't just grab any old binding from the wall without knowing what you want your ride to feel like.  When your board/bindings/boot work as one, there's no better feeling.

Be sure to follow these brands on social media if you don't already.  There are always new product updates, lifestyle posts, and all kinds of great things for you, all year round!

Ride  (Insta: @ridesnowboards)

Burton  (Insta: @burtonsnowboards)

K2  (Insta: @k2snow)

Capita (Insta: @capitasupercorp)

Union  (Insta: @unionbindingco)

Flow  (Insta: @flowsnowboardn)

Nidecker  (Insta: @nideckersnowboards)